How to watch Netflix with your friends using ‘Netflix Party’

Netflix Party saves the day



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At a time when we need to stay at home, we also need a way to keep ourselves entertained. For our sanity and the sake of our great nations, ‘Netflix Party’ is here to save the day.

This Chrome extension offers a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online, wherever you are. Playbacks are synchronized, and you can pause altogether to discuss something on a group chat. This bridges the distance and allows you to feel like you’re having a real-life conversation about a show or a movie you’re all watching.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how you can host long-distance movie nights and watch parties with your friends.

Install Netflix Party

If you’re not using Google Chrome, make sure to download it first. Once you’re using the browser, head over to netflixparty.com, so you can get the access to Chrome Extension.

If you want to do it the hard way and you’re the type of person who loves tinkering around, you can access Chrome’s Extensions via Settings. Just click the settings icon (which looks like three dots stacked together) and hover to More Tools, and voila! From there, you can access Chrome’s list of Extensions and search for Netflix Party.

Add the extension

Once you’re on Netflix Party’s extension page, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension to your browser.

Start a party

Once installed, head over to Netflix.com on your browser and watch any video. You can toggle the NP button next to the address bar to start a Netflix Party.

Share the fun and enjoy

When you get the party started, a group chat will appear on the side where you can customize your name and icon and discuss it with your friends. There’s a link icon so you can share the party URL with your friends.

To join a Netflix Party, click on the URL sent to you, which will redirect you to Netflix’s website. Make sure to click the NP button to automatically join the party.

Now you can have movie nights and watch parties with your friends even if you’re miles away from each other! Enjoy watching!

If you’re looking for movies to watch and shows to binge-watch, catch up through Now Playing, a list of recommendations from the GadgetMatch team (also a peek of our current obsessions).


Now Playing: Women’s Month Edition

Let’s all celebrate women!



Happy Women’s Month! To celebrate women all over the world, we asked women and allies about movies, shows, music, and podcasts you can watch and listen to, along with books you should read.

This list is also a good pick me up, in case you’re looking for something to empower you as a woman. You may refer to this article — Women’s Month or not! Here’s what’s Now Playing at Her GadgetMatch!

Movies to see

On the Basis of Sex

Carol: A bit late to the party but I can’t believe I didn’t watch this sooner. On the Basis of Sex is the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s struggle to make discrimination based on gender illegal in the United States. Brilliantly poignant with a script teeming with wit, On the Basis of Sex is a movie that should be required for all children to see. A movie that will also give any adult woman a confidence boost when and wherever needed.

Little Women

Leez: If you’ve read the classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, this film isn’t the first. It’s the most recent iteration of a film adaptation to the book and before you click away and lose interest, you might want to seriously watch this film. It dabbles in the complexity of family, womanhood, and standing up for one’s self. There’s more to this book and film adaptation than just four sisters. There’s love, sorrow, and growth wrapped up in such a timeless impactful story.

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

MJ: Miss Americana is a glimpse of Taylor Swift’s personal life. A peek at her vulnerable moments, life-changing opportunities, and chances at redefining herself and the way she sees love and praise. For Swifties (and even most viewers), this documentary allowed people to connect with Swift. It’s so raw, honest, and emotional that it felt like she’s just one of us — fragile, pregnable, and most of all, human.

Shows to binge-watch

Sex Education Season 2

Leez: It’s exhausting to live in a world where sex is shoved aside as too taboo to educate people with. The science? Abstinence is an absolute lip service. Doesn’t work, never have, and never will. Sex Education dives deep into the complexity of sex with a stunning grip of contextual circumstances. It’s a show about getting into the nitty and the gritty of emotions, sexuality, gender, sex of course, and even trauma. How it all pans out is never how we expect it to and this show depicts that perfectly.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Carol: Becoming a comedian in the 1950s was no easy feat, even harder as a woman whose marriage was falling apart. Rachel Brosnahan shines as Midge Maisel, Jewish housewife who realizes that her wit and humor are not out of place in society — she just needed a stage to go with them. Great story and a script written by Gilmore Girls’ Amy Sherman Palladino, you’ll keep re-watching the series while waiting for the next season. Bonus: Mrs. Maisel’s outfits are utterly fabulous, proving that a lady can be smart and funny while being pretty and fashionable.

The Bold Type

MJ: Millennials — who were always mistaken as Gen Z — are now at the forefront of the working force. Live everyone else, millenials have have struggled to find direction. The Bold Type perfectly illustrates this struggle, featuring three young women working in a fictional magazine while navigating modern life and struggle in love, career, and identity. For the most part, the show tackled stories women can relate to, with some themes centralizing on pressing social and cultural issues. This gives The Bold Type that perfect, woke millennial vibe.

Albums/Songs/Podcasts to listen to

Living Out Loud by Sia

MJ: When you feel like the only way is to go up or move forward, this song will be the perfect soundtrack to accompany you. ‘Living out loud’ played when The Bold Type‘s main characters decided to go after what they want in life: Kat Edison realizing there’s more to life than social media and heading out to travel, Sutton Brady enjoying her dream job and taking another chance at love, and Jane Sloan leaving her comfort zone to pursue something that will make her grow. Listen to this song when you want to make the most out of every moment in life.

Listen to The Bold Type‘s playlist.

Butterfly by Loona

Vincenz: LOONA (or known as 이달의 소녀 / idarui sonyeo or Girl of the Month) has been known as an ally of both the LGBT+ community and women for their empowering tracks. Butterfly is meant for all the LOONAs around the world — and the music video storyline proves that you’re beautiful just like a “butterfly” regardless of one’s race and age.

Listen to 12 K-Pop tracks to empower every woman.

Dying for Sex

Chay: Funny, compelling, and heart-warming, Dying for Sex is a podcast about Molly’s life and sexcapades after she was diagnosed terminal with stage IV breast cancer. Her sexual adventures will make you laugh, but her insights on life and relationships are what will resonate more.

Conservative Ako

MJ: ‘Conservative Ako’, translated to ‘I’m Conservative’, is the Philippines’ first-ever podcast about female pleasure and sexuality. Hosted by licensed psychologist and sex & relationships therapist Rica Cruz, ‘Conservative Ako’ breaks barriers by giving voice to questions that Filipinas have been afraid to ask.

Listen to other female-centric podcasts hosted by PumaPodcast.

Women at Work

Chay: Gender bias and discrimination at the workplace is still a problem we face in 2020. Harvard Business Review’s Women at Work talks issues and real life experiences, and poses solutions and advice to help women overcome obstacles  that hinder them from having a successful career.

Books to read

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

Chay: Reading this will make women (and men) feel both hopeful and helpless at times. If you need convincing why feminism is still necessary in this day and age, look no further.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Suzie: This book is a testament that hard work, determination, and drive never go out of style. Michelle Obama’s journey from the Southside of Chicago to the White House serves as an inspiration for readers to daringly dream and courageously break the status quo.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Leslie: If you want to remind yourself what young love’s like, this is a good choice.

Circe by Madeline Miller

Ali: Yes, Circe, as in the daughter of Helios. The story is about making a place for yourself in a world that doesn’t understand you. A bold and feminist take on Greek mythology.

His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire Series) by Naomi Novik

Geneva: The Napoleonic era fought with dragons! Reading sci-fi fantasy broadens even the most practical of minds, and this strong story by an amazing female writer is a must

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Marian: I cannot stress this enough. It’s one of those few books where I vividly remember how I felt when I finished it. You’ll know that feeling when you read it.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Mik: It’s a simple story of the right person, wrong timing. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Bonnie: Dear Girls is a series of candid, hilarious letters from Ali Wong to her two daughters about topics from working women to Asian culture to love. I pulled an all-nighter in a hotel room reading this entire book and cackling to myself

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Leez: This is a strikingly quirky collection of comics that dabbles into silly, borderline psychopathic, memories and tendencies Allie Brosh embodies. This book is relatable, hilarious, and shamelessly Allie Brosh that you have to read it.

Check out: 22 must-read books written by women.

Now Playing is the GadgetMatch team’s favorite games, movies, TV shows, and more each month. If you’re curious to know what we’re into at the moment, this is what you should check out. So grab your popcorn, get some drinks, and enjoy what’s now playing!

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5 reasons why you should stick to wired earphones

You don’t have to give up comfort and familiarity!



Photo by Daniel Fontenele

The advent of wireless earbuds has become gospel among my friends — techie and geeks alike. It’s like everyone’s preaching about switching to wireless like it’s some mandatory rite of passage for adults who’ve been in the workforce for god knows how long.

Though I have my own pair of wireless earbuds, I still have my trusty wired earphones — one that has a 3.5mm jack for my laptop, and one that comes in USB-C for my phone that has no headphone jack. Even before, wired earphones were my savior — from strangers and familiar people approaching me, to keep me entertained in between idle moments, and for being a companion in trying times.

Just like most people, I’m still having a hard time letting go of wired earphones. People had been asking me to stop using one, but I still stand to a few reasons why it’s perfectly okay to stick to the familiar.

You’re a plug-and-play person

A lot of times, I find myself having trouble with pairing my smartphones to my wireless earbuds. To ensure seamless pairing, you must be using top-of-the-line and/or premium earbuds. Imagine the time you spent trying to connect so you can listen to music when you can just plug your wired earphones to a headphone jack, play your music, and enjoy.

You love the feeling of being connected

I thrive in connections — whether it’s people, conversations, or earphones. I feel most reassured when I know I’m connected, and the tangibility of my earphones’ connection to my smartphone is comforting — especially when I’m commuting. I’ll know right away where my phone is, and having a wired connection makes my loving smartphone safe.

On certain occasions, my smartphone was saved from falling because of my wired earphones. It’s these prevented tragedies that reassure me a tangible connection is still a good choice.

You’re practical about your choices

Let’s admit it: wireless earbuds are expensive. As someone who follows a strict budget, wired earphones are a tad cheaper and is more accessible to most of us. There are plenty of us can’t live without music, and wired earphones sometimes become a necessity to keep us from falling apart in between trying times.

On the other hand, wireless earbuds are considered a luxury — a want, not a need. Imagine losing a pair, or even misplacing it when a pair of wireless earbuds is priced around US$ 100. I don’t have the money to replace it easily even with access to a credit card.

You find comfort in familiarity

Some people aren’t comfortable with change. Most are hesitant, and even resistant to it — even with the advent of functional and bang-for-the-buck wireless earbuds. If you find comfort in familiarity a.k.a. choosing wired earphones because you’ve been using it for a long time, that’s absolutely fine.

You don’t have to change your preferences in life just because someone asked you to do so. Stay unique and love your individuality!

You haven’t felt the urge to switch

Lastly, there comes a time in every modern individual where they need to switch to a wireless lifestyle. It could be for convenience, for more flexibility, or for safety during a commute. Whatever it is, you’ll always feel the urge to switch and when you do, heed the call.

When you feel like you’re being called to the other side, that’s when you take a leap of faith. If you’re still content with using wired earphones, just enjoy it and stop caring what the world thinks. You have your music with you, just keep playing!

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6 reasons why you should switch to wireless earbuds

It’s time to go untethered!



The year 2020 has been a game-changer for me on a lot of fronts. One change I’ve encountered was deciding to give wireless earbuds a try after using 3.5mm and USB-C wired earphones for years.

When I got the Galaxy Buds, I approached it with hesitation, wondering how this accessory will benefit me. Fast forward to today, I’ve realized how convenient it is to live with wireless earbuds.

If you’re contemplating whether you need to switch or maybe give it a try, here are the reasons why you should, based on my experience.

You have a lot of physical activities

Back on my first day at the gym, I realized I needed music to keep me pumped up. Having wired earphones can restrict my movement, while wireless in-ear headphones were annoying to dangle around my nape.

A pair of wireless earbuds seemed to be a perfect choice since it offered flexibility. For instance, it allows me to move around the gym while I dance to “As If It’s Your Last” by BLACKPINK. I can freely lift weights, run and do cardio, and even relax through yoga. It’s really a perfect companion for your physical activities!

You want music wherever you go

My office setup — both at home and in the GadgetMatch HQ — requires a sleek, clean desk and an open space where I can shoot devices quickly yet beautifully. In between my desk duty and photoshoots, I need music to accompany me as I move around. Wireless earbuds provided constant playback, as long as I’m within the reach of its bluetooth radius.

This proved helpful since I can’t function without my playlist, and having it constantly playing wherever I go ensures my productivity will always be at its peak.

You value freedom and independence

Wireless earbuds made me embrace my independence and love for freedom. Not being tied to a tangible connection, I realized that you can have an awesome connection even from a distance.

This can also apply to your relationships, and this is me preaching that it’s okay to be away from your significant other sometimes. You don’t have to be at each other’s throats or have your smartphone in your pocket at all times to enjoy a solid connection. Distance means nothing when two hearts want each other.

You hate organizing cables

If you’re like me who end up breaking cables because of the inability to properly tangle it, then a pair of wireless earbuds is a good choice.

Just make sure you’re not forgetful as to not misplace your charging case and your earbuds.

You want to feel like a secret agent

What I love about wireless earbuds is how it made me feel like I’m a secret agent from my favorite action and sci-fi movies. Its gesture controls are splendid: I can switch tracks, answer calls, and pause my music with just flicks and touches.

It’s also convenient during my commutes, not having to get my phone out of my bag when playing music or answering a call.

You have the money to spend

I’ve said it many times before — both online and offline — but wireless earbuds are considered a luxury. If you have the means, go and get it. Wireless earbuds are best enjoyed if you have the money to spend, so you can buy a device that isn’t just functional, but also fits your personality and lifestyle.

Right now, there are many wireless earbuds available in the market, but the most affordable ones sometimes don’t last long. Up until now, it’s difficult to have a cheaper option without compromise. Just make sure you get your money’s worth!

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