Mystery Unboxing: GadgetMatch Merchandise?!



It’s time for another mystery unboxing, and this is something closer to our hearts!

If it isn’t already clear from the thumbnail and title, this video involves our very own merchandise. But the questions are: when, where, and how do we get them?

We’re being a bit of a tease, we know, but the GadgetMatch Store is definitely on the way, and we’d love for everyone to show their support!

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Unboxing and First Impressions

A classic fit



Watch S1 Pro

Announced alongside the Xiaomi 13 series, the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is geared towards people who appreciate a classic watch look, but with the health and fitness benefits of smartwatch.

We’ll need some time to put the watch to the test, so for now, we’ll do an unboxing.

The box is rectangular lengthy.

Up close, you see an image of the watch itself.

Watch S1 Pro

Based on reviews and unboxings we’ve seen online, the box will show you outright which variant you’re getting. There two options:

  • Black stainless steel case with black fluororubber strap
  • Silver stainless steel case with brown leather strap

At the bottom front, you’ll see the name of the smart watch.

Watch S1 Pro

Flip it over and you’ll some important info. It shows the smartwatch works with both Android and iOS.

The writing on the side of the box shows its many features.

Lift the cover of the box and you’ll be greeted by the smartwatch itself.

Here’s a closer look.

Watch S1 Pro

The display, made of sapphire glass, is covered with Xiaomi sticker. The back of the black stainless steel case has a similar cover.

Underneath the watch are wireless charging dock…

…and the user manual with the warranty notice.

Here’s what the watch looks like out of the box. The rotatable crown sticks out prominently.

Watch S1 Pro

Here’s what it looks like from the side.

The rotatable crown is studded making it easy to touch and turn. Xiaomi says it’s inspired by classic watches. There’s also a button on the lower right side. It quickly access the 100 types of workouts that the watch can track.

The black fluororubber strap is made specifically for workouts.

Watch S1 Pro

Xiaomi recommends this strap for exercising. Thanks to it being black, it seems to be the more versatile strap compared to the brown leather one. The leather does look more luxurious but using it while working out isn’t advisable.

Watch S1 Pro

Replacing the strap should be easy. There’s no information on Xiaomi’s fine print as to which straps are compatible. We’ll have to ask Xiaomi first to find out.

Setting up the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

Watch S1 Pro

After powering up the watch, the first thing it’ll ask you to do is select a language. After that, there will be a QR Code that you can scan to pair with your smartphone.

Download the Mi Fitness app.

Once paired, the app will show you a quick guide on how to use the smartwatch.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

You can sync it with Apple Health and Strava.

Watch S1 Pro

You can also choose which apps will send notifications to the watch.

There’s a Xiaomi Pay feature but…

It’s not supported where I am which sucks.

Watch faces are pre-loaded on the watch.

There are more watch faces you can download through the app. The selections are nice, but I find them limited.

First impressions

Watch S1 Pro

As of writing, I’ve already spent a day with the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro. It’s much lighter than the smartwatch I’m coming from. That alone makes me excited to wear it while I do my usual basketball shooting drills. The overall black look is… classic.

I’ve only taken some casual walks and the step counter seems to be accurate. The rotatable crown is fun to use but once I start swiping on the display, I end up just swiping instead of using the crown. More actual workouts, testing the battery life, and more will be on the full review.

Price and availability

In the Philippines, the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro retails for PhP 16,999. There’s an early bird pro that will last until March 12 where buyers will get Xiaomi Buds 3 for free. It’s available in all Xiaomi stores both online and offline.

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OPPO Find N2 Flip Unboxing and Review

The better Flip?



OPPO may not be new in the foldable world as they already have the Find N and Find N2

— but the Find N2 Flip, despite its name, is actually the brand’s first-gen Flip device.

While foldable tablets have dominated the market from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, HONOR, and even vivo,

there are limited options when it comes to compact foldables.

If you’re looking for one that’s globally-ready and is NOT as pricey as the Galaxy Z Flip4,

then the Find N2 Flip might just be your GadgetMatch — or is it really?

Head over to our OPPO Find N2 Flip review now to know more!

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review: One Week Later

With a lot of sample photos and videos for you to see



The newest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was Unpacked in San Francisco.

After the event, Michael Josh interviewed some of our favorite tech YouTubers.

— and then finally had his hands on to the newest flagship.

Other than unboxing, there are usage, impressions, battery tests, and more tech YouTuber cameos included.

He is also taking you to the streets of both San Francisco and New York with a lot of sample photos and videos — including the 200MP ones!

Here’s our one-week review using the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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