Nike Hyper Court wants you to play like an NBA star



Play basketball like your favorite NBA superstar — that’s the general hook behind the Nike Hyper Court. It’s an app, yes, but it’s more than just that.

The Nike Hyper Court app is home to hours of exclusive Nike content that shows different drills that young aspiring basketball players can watch and try to do on their own.

Nike says the majority of young players check YouTube for moves of stars they can borrow and add to their game. The app makes it easier for young ballers to watch drills they can try on their own.

The drills on the app are inspired by moves of popular Nike NBA superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and the drills were made and supervised by actual basketball coaches and trainers.

To drive home the point of the importance of performing these drills, Nike put together a quick mini camp for the media complete with coaches and Philippine basketball stars serving as trainers.

But you won’t always be in the presence of the trainer, and that’s another advantage of having the Nike Hyper Court app. You get to watch the drills over and over so you have a good reference for when you try them on your own.

There’s also a little bit of gamification. You earn badges after successfully completing each drill. If you’re serious about stepping up your game on the hard court, you’ll definitely get hooked trying to perform and master all the drills.

Sounds great, right? It gets better.

Hyper Court is a Nike and Google partnership. Anyone who opts to try out these tutorials at any of the activated hyper courts around Metro Manila will be able to access the content for free.

The courts activated as of posting are:

  • Ususan Court, Tomasa Subd., Brgy Ususan, Taguig (Kobe Bryant Court)
  • Comembo Court, Comembo Talisay St., Makati (Kevin Durant Court)
  • YCL Court, Brgy. Quirino 2B Project 2, Quezon City (Kyrie Irving Court)

Two more courts will be activated in December 2017. These are:

  • Titan Love Court, 32nd St., BGC, Taguig (LeBron James Court)
  • Scarlet Homes Court, 642 E. Rodriguez Ave., Moonwalk, Parañaque City (Russell Westbrook Court)

Notice the fantastic artwork on each of the courts? Those were made by none other than New York Times Best-selling illustrator Arturo Torres. Some of his most notable works include illustrating books by author Shea Serrano — The Rap Year Book, Basketball (and Other Things).

The Hyper Court app can be accessed by going to From there, the browser will prompt you to add the app to your phone. Visit any of the activated courts and proceed to jab step like LeBron, fadeaway like KD, or weave through the defense like Kyrie.

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New Huawei phones are suspended from having Facebook out of the box

Another blow to Huawei, but this is minimal



Huawei Y9 2019 | GadgetMatch

Here’s more news about the US trade ban against Huawei. The latest American company to take action is Facebook. The popular social networking company is no longer allowing pre-installation of its apps on Huawei phones.

The latest blow to the Chinese tech giant doesn’t necessarily mean users won’t be able to access Facebook. According to a report by Reuters, customers who already bought Huawei phones will still be able to use Facebook apps and receive updates. Although, new Huawei phones will no longer have Facebook pre-installed. Other Facebook-owned apps are also affected including WhatsApp and Instagram.

If you purchased a Huawei phone lately, you might have noticed that your phone came with a few apps pre-installed — aside from the native apps, of course. Usually, smartphone vendors have deals with developers like Facebook to make their app widely available. Aside from Facebook, Huawei phones also come pre-installed with Twitter and in many markets.

While Facebook’s move to stay away won’t badly hurt Huawei, it could affect the partnership sales outlook. Again, the Facebook ban only affects Huawei phones that have yet to come out of the factory. Also, Facebook can still be downloaded from the Google Play Store assuming Huawei will not lose access to it soon.

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Google: Cutting off Huawei is an even bigger threat

Could lead to less secure apps



For three weeks, Huawei’s biggest concerns were the loss of Android and ARM architecture support. The recent Trump ban created pandemonium for the Chinese company. Since the ban’s announcement, Huawei has struggled with solutions and appeals. Unfortunately, the company’s troubles are not stopping.

In a Financial Times report, Google argues that Trump’s ban will ironically open Huawei to more cybersecurity issues. Likewise, an Android ban will cascade down to the operating system’s supported apps. Users will likely resort to less secure installation methods for their lost apps.

Google further explains that using an Android hybrid (since the platform is open-source by nature) could result in more holes in the system’s security. Huawei’s alternative — either their own custom OS or a forked Android variant — will not offer the same amount of protection.

In related news, Facebook has banned their app’s pre-installs on their future smartphones. Currently, Huawei’s phones come installed with Facebook’s slew of apps — Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Arguably, all three apps are essential pieces of a smartphone’s ecosystem. As such, smartphone makers often strike pre-installation deals with app developers, allowing devices to come with these essential apps.

Of course, Huawei users can still install them manually through the Google Play Store. However, this method is also in jeopardy. By August 19, Google is forced to sever support for Huawei, pending a permanent resolution. The ban can feasibly take the Play Store with it. If that happens, Huawei users can no longer install Facebook through the usual means. Users will start resorting to Huawei’s own store or APK installs.

Huawei’s continued dealing with bans rings an ominous death knell for the Chinese company. Without a conclusive resolution, the world’s number-two smartphone manufacturer is facing an uncertain, dangerous future for its phones, inside and out.

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Final Fantasy’s music officially comes to Spotify

From every game in the series!



Square Enix has done something we’ve all been wishing for: Uploading a collection of official Final Fantasy soundtracks to Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

News began spreading around the web as Spotify users noticed that there are heaps more FF songs available. It’s also been reported that Apple Music and Amazon Music have them, as well.

The uploaded tracks span all main FF entries plus direct sequels and spin-offs. If you’ve ever been in the mood for a gaming nostalgia trip at home or on the road, this may be the best time.

While there has been FF-related music on Spotify in the past, this is the first time it’s been made official. And yes, it includes songs from Final Fantasy VIII.

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