Nike Hyper Court wants you to play like an NBA star



Play basketball like your favorite NBA superstar — that’s the general hook behind the Nike Hyper Court. It’s an app, yes, but it’s more than just that.

The Nike Hyper Court app is home to hours of exclusive Nike content that shows different drills that young aspiring basketball players can watch and try to do on their own.

Nike says the majority of young players check YouTube for moves of stars they can borrow and add to their game. The app makes it easier for young ballers to watch drills they can try on their own.

The drills on the app are inspired by moves of popular Nike NBA superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and the drills were made and supervised by actual basketball coaches and trainers.

To drive home the point of the importance of performing these drills, Nike put together a quick mini camp for the media complete with coaches and Philippine basketball stars serving as trainers.

But you won’t always be in the presence of the trainer, and that’s another advantage of having the Nike Hyper Court app. You get to watch the drills over and over so you have a good reference for when you try them on your own.

There’s also a little bit of gamification. You earn badges after successfully completing each drill. If you’re serious about stepping up your game on the hard court, you’ll definitely get hooked trying to perform and master all the drills.

Sounds great, right? It gets better.

Hyper Court is a Nike and Google partnership. Anyone who opts to try out these tutorials at any of the activated hyper courts around Metro Manila will be able to access the content for free.

The courts activated as of posting are:

  • Ususan Court, Tomasa Subd., Brgy Ususan, Taguig (Kobe Bryant Court)
  • Comembo Court, Comembo Talisay St., Makati (Kevin Durant Court)
  • YCL Court, Brgy. Quirino 2B Project 2, Quezon City (Kyrie Irving Court)

Two more courts will be activated in December 2017. These are:

  • Titan Love Court, 32nd St., BGC, Taguig (LeBron James Court)
  • Scarlet Homes Court, 642 E. Rodriguez Ave., Moonwalk, Parañaque City (Russell Westbrook Court)

Notice the fantastic artwork on each of the courts? Those were made by none other than New York Times Best-selling illustrator Arturo Torres. Some of his most notable works include illustrating books by author Shea Serrano — The Rap Year Book, Basketball (and Other Things).

The Hyper Court app can be accessed by going to From there, the browser will prompt you to add the app to your phone. Visit any of the activated courts and proceed to jab step like LeBron, fadeaway like KD, or weave through the defense like Kyrie.

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Google asks smartphone makers to pay for Play Store

In response to EU’s ruling



Google Play

Months ago, Google landed in a scalding pool of Europe’s hot water. The European Competition Commission accused the company of anti-competition practices. Among other things, Google forced smartphone makers to bundle Chrome and Google Search as a requirement. According to the commission, the stipulation gives the company an unfair advantage over its rivals.

Eventually, the Commission hammered down a guilty verdict. From this, Google paid a record-breaking fine to the European Union. Besides this, the company had to stop the indicted practice.

Now, Google is finally implementing a resolution for the guilty verdict. Starting this month, the company will change its offered bundles for smartphone makers in the EU.

As opposed to enforcing the bundle, Google will offer Android’s apps for a price. Instead of a strong-arm strategy, Google’s new strategy aims for the best of both worlds. Smartphone companies can opt out of the program. Historically, some companies have already opted out of Android’s app ecosystem. For example, Chinese smartphones often implement their own variants because of China’s prohibitions.

Additionally, Google will loosen its regulations against forked versions of its Android operating system. Some smartphone makers alter Android’s inner workings for their own uses. Most notoriously, Xiaomi uses its own MIUI software. Previously, the bundling scheme swayed the deal towards Google’s favor, despite any proprietary changes. With looser regulations, companies can fork all they want.

Now, companies can sell smartphones running forked Androids. That is, if they also sell a separate smartphone with Google’s untouched software.

Amid all these changes, Android remains as free software for smartphones. Android can maintain its status as the world’s most ubiquitous operating system. However, if this issue elicits any questions, it’s this: How will Google’s new schema affect the casual consumer? Right now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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6 iPhone apps for your well-being

Mental health is important!



World Mental Health Day may have come and gone but that shouldn’t mean that your well-being should be pushed aside. In fact, a healthy disposition should always be practiced. How does one do that in today’s fast-paced world?

We’ve got apps for you!


Omvana is a meditation app that measures stress levels and even your state of mind; it’s your personal mindfulness coach! The app also automatically connects to HealthKit.

Download here. 


With guided meditations, breathing exercises, sleep stories, and relaxing music, this app will help make sure you’re always in a relaxed mood.

Download here. 

Insight Timer

Don’t know how to meditate? This app allows for guided meditations from the industry’s best practitioners!

Download here. 

Headspace: Guided Meditation

Another guided meditation app which allows you to manage stress and even apply meditative practice to your every day. There’s also a sleep experience feature which promises better rest and calmness.

Download here.

Aura: Calm Anxiety & Sleep

Aura’s three-minute meditations will bring more positivity to your life. The app also does life coaching, relaxing music, and even personalized meditations.

Download here. 

AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

Better sleep means a better disposition! This app tracks sleep automatically with Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep so you’ll always have the info at hand.

Download here. 

What are you waiting for? Get to downloading and happy meditating!

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Facebook Lite comes to iPhones at less than 5MB

It consumes less power, too!



After being enjoyed by Android users for years, the slimmed down version of Facebook’s main app finally arrived on iOS. Although, it’s only available to a select few — for now.

The Facebook Lite app was originally designed for developing countries where mobile data can be unreliable and Android phones are pretty basic. But, it also gained popularity among users with better phones because it uses way less data than the main Facebook app.

On iOS, the lite version is available for download through the Apple App Store for less than 5MB. Apart from being an easy download, it also uses less battery power and occupies minimal storage space.

This is going to be ideal for iPhones and even iPod Touch devices that are already showing signs of slowing down. The app is compatible with devices running iOS 9.0 and later.

For now, the app is only available in Turkey. As the testing phase expands to other regions, Facebook Lite will eventually be open for everyone.

Via: Business Insider

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