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Stop making fun of the things I like: A woman’s perspective on that sparkly case burn

I like pretty things and I can’t deny!



I like pretty things. I also like pretty things in tech. Sure, I love powerful gadgets too, but if they can be beautiful, powerful things, the better.

But you know what I don’t like? People giving backhanded compliments on things I enjoy on my next fancy gadget. That’s right: I dictate how colorful or sparkly my smartphone should be.

In true millennial fashion, I feel personally attacked by this tweet. You can rant about chipsets all you want but please, keep the sparkly cases out of it. 

I was squealing in delight when Huawei mentioned their Swarovski case at the P30 event yesterday. Sure, time dedicated to the shiny thing was like two percent of the whole presentation, but it was something I was definitely excited about (among other things). This reaction was to be expected: I also squealed in delight when I tried out Samsung’s LED light case; I most definitely squealed when I first reviewed my first Meitu selfie phone, cowhide leather with gold rivets and all.

You see, I have different wants and different needs. As a modern woman, I want things that are not only functional, they also need to be aesthetically pleasing to me. This also means that what I want is usually a departure from what the traditional tech audience (with different aesthetic sensibilities) has deemed important.

And you know what? That’s okay. Despite posts inadvertently but effectually claiming my likes are invalid, I will continue to get excited for the pretty things in tech to come.

I love the sparkly Swarovski P30 case and that shouldn’t take away from me appreciating good technology. Those two are not mutually exclusive. This is me, sparkly phone case in hand (I wish), asking: Why can’t I have it all?

Numerous times, as a woman covering tech, I have been made to feel bad about something I like. But get this: Just because my priorities in a phone, in phone accessories, or in what I want to see in phone launches are different from what the traditional tech audiences want, it doesn’t make it any less valid. Awesomeness not in the traditional tech sense does not negate awesomeness.

The world is changing people! We live in a time when dog robots are a thing, refrigerators talk, new smartphones launch every month, and women comprise half of the technology audience. I should be able to enjoy shiny phone cases in peace. Quite literally, you don’t have to put it on your phone if you don’t want it.

Just don’t make me feel bad for liking phone cases; I don’t make fun of silly things like fake macho circuit boards on transparent phones.

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Samsung Airdresser is a smart personal dry-cleaning closet

It can clean, deodorize, and straighten your clothes



My desire to live a luxurious, connected life awakened when Samsung showcased the Airdresser. It’s a closet that will keep your clothes cleaned and straightened, without having to go to a dry cleaner.

Samsung’s Airdresser utilizes powerful air and steam through various technology to refresh and sanitize your clothes. Beginning with JetSteam, the Airdresser blasts steam through its Air hangers. Then, it sanitizes your clothes, effectively killing allergens, germs, and viruses.

It also uses its Deodorizing Filter function to get rid of any odor and unpleasant smells building up. Fret not, even if the Airdresser is a cabinet, it has Self Clean technology which cleans its interior, using a combination of heat, air, and steam.

The Airdresser prolongs your clothes’ lifespan, as well. Through HeatPump Drying, the cabinet cools down your clothes to dry it gently and quickly — reducing heat damage and shrinkage. The AirDresser then smooth out creases without using an iron through its Wrinkle Care System.

It dehumidifies, too, drawing air to remove moisture so your clothes are protected while smelling fresh. More importantly, the Airdresser isn’t limited to clothes. Its technology is built to handle towels, coats, wraps, shawls, and even fur! It’s definitely going to make anyone’s life easier.

Samsung has launched the Airdresser globally, but it’s expected to be available on select markets like UK and Russia. It will retail for GBP 1999.

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5 best makeup filters on Instagram Stories

Nothing like the convenience of virtual makeup!



Since time immemorial, apps and smartphones’ built-in beauty modes have allowed us to apply airbrushing, contour, lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow without lifting a makeup brush. But there’s nothing like the convenience of the virtual makeup we get through filters on our favorite social media apps.

Here we’ve rounded up the best makeup filters you should save on Instagram Stories. Apologies for the barrage of selfies you’re about to see!


If, like me, your go-to everyday look is the winged eyeliner then Francesca is filter you need to save on your Stories. It’s best used when you haven’t drawn anything on your lids yet as it might be difficult to match your wingtip with the filter’s.

Try the Francesca effect here.


If you’re the type who can’t leave the house without mascara, Eyelashes is the one you need to save. It won’t curl your lashes in real life, but any selfie you post from here on out will look like you made the effort to look nice even when you just got out of bed. There are 3 different styles of lashes because one size does not fit all looks!

Try the Eyelashes effect here.


Want to look fresh at 5pm even without retouching? As its name suggests, Natural will remove blemishes and blot oil from your face and the resulting selfie will still look as natural as possible. It also adds a little bit of tint to your lips without going overboard.

Try the Natural effect here.

Glitter Lips

Smudged lipstick after a greasy meal is a problem we all deal with. Get that selfie on point even without a trip to the powder room with Glitter Lips. Choose from 7 different glossy shades — there’s nude, pink, even gold!

Try the Glitter Lips effect here.

+2 Vintage*Blush II

This filter adds freckles and blush to your cheeks, and smoothens your skin out. But +2 Vintage*Blush II isn’t just a makeup filter — it also changes the mood of your entire photo to something warmer. You get a total of 4 different looks, with two adding noise to the entire image for more of that vintage feel.

Try the +2 Vintage*Blush II effect here.

We all get by with a little help from friends and technology. As with anything, use makeup filters in moderation and with the best of intentions.

Do you use makeup filters on Instagram Stories? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below.

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Spotify’s Disney Hub lets you listen to everything Disney

Make music a part of your world



You’ve got a friend in me — I mean, in Spotify and Disney. Together, they created a dedicated Disney Hub which includes playlists, soundtracks, and podcasts for Disney fans of all ages.

To find Disney Hub, open your Spotify app and search “Disney.” You might encounter a barrage of suggested playlists, but make sure you click Disney as a genre.

Among the curated playlists, you can find Disney Hits which are comprised of top songs from popular Disney and Pixar films across the world. You can also play Disney Favorites, Disney Classics, and Disney Sing-Alongs featuring nostalgic songs we love.

Speaking of love, Disney has a Disney Princess playlist for those currently in love and obsessed with their crushes. It’s complete with love ballads. Action-oriented fans can also treat themselves with Marvel Music and Best of Star Wars.

As we all know, music is one of the key ingredients why we all love Disney. Music makes every film memorable and magical, and now we can bring the experience to a whole new world. Now, let’s see how far we’ll go into the unknown. Let’s make music a part of our world!

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