US government is pressuring other countries to ban Huawei

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The hits keep on coming. Despite a blockbuster month, Huawei’s luck has just been lacking. Throughout October and November, the smartphone company has found an increasing number of detractors all over the world. Compared to the brand’s usual critics, these detractors have the power to completely hinder Huawei’s global advance.

Earlier this year, the US government lambasted the company for placing the country’s cybersecurity at risk. Along with ZTE, Huawei went through a roller coaster of emotions and varying verdicts. After the conflict’s initial resolution, the hatchet was seemingly buried.

Surprisingly, a few weeks ago, other countries joined in on the act. Australia, Germany, Japan, and the UK are all considering similar bans in the future.

Now, after smelling blood in the water, the United States have rescinded their forgiving nature. Instead of standing by their compromise months earlier, the government is back on the hunt.

Based on a report by the Wall Street Journal, US officials have contacted allied countries about Huawei. These countries include Germany, Italy, and Japan. Supposedly, all conversations have encouraged these countries to ban the company outright. The government has even gone so far as to consider financial incentives to complying nations.

Of course, the concerned country still has a stake in all this. The US government has military bases installed on all contacted countries. The US is still firmly concerned about its own national security.

For Huawei, the recent push for banning couldn’t have come at a worse time. Currently, the company has been planning a major expansion in 5G networking. In its infancy, 5G technology is ripe for the picking. Companies are on an arms race to launch the first 5G network. On the other hand, countries are concerned about giving the future of networking to China.

Whatever the future of 5G will become, it’s now in the hands of a hugely political system.

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Huawei plummets from top 5 smartphone brands in China

vivo is now the top dog



Though 2020 was bad for all smartphone makers, it was especially troublesome for Huawei. For years, the American government issued, back away from, and reissued bans that prevented the Chinese company from doing business on the former’s soil. Naturally, the bans were going to affect Huawei. Now, according to a recent smartphone ranking, Huawei isn’t even on the top 5 list in China anymore.

As released by the International Data Corporation, the Chinese smartphone rankings no longer include the once-proud leader of the pack, Huawei. The company has now dropped below the top 5 and lumped together with the “Others” category listed on the rankings.

vivo currently hold the top spot, capturing 23.8 percent of the market share. OPPO isn’t far behind with 21.1 percent of the market. Xiaomi holds the third spot with 17.2 percent of the market, echoing its rise in other rankings. Finally, Apple and newly emancipated Honor round out the pack with 10.9 percent and 8.9 percent, respectively.

All of the top 4 have increased their sales from the previous year, potentially owing to the vacuum left behind by its competitor Huawei. On a similar note, Honor sold considerably less compared its performance last year. The former Huawei sub-brand is potentially still reeling from its time under Huawei’s bans.

Though the company is still planning to release new smartphones soon, Huawei is definitely feeling the crunch from the American bans, resorting to alternatives and in-house solutions to component shortages.

In the meantime, Huawei’s Chinese rivals have moved to fill up the gap left behind by the former leader of the Chinese smartphone race.

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Apple earned record-breaking revenue last quarter

Thanks to the iPhone 12



Apple has a lot of things going its way lately. Last year, the new iPhone SE helped the company survive the pandemic. Further, the wide variety of the iPhone 12 series offered a lot of options for users. Given everything that went its way starting last year, Apple has posted another record-breaking quarter in terms of revenue.

According to a recent earnings report, Apple earned US$ 81.43 billion in revenue for the past quarter. The figure is a 36 percent year-on-year increase over the same quarter last year. It is also the most revenue that they have historically earned for the same quarter.

Given how close Apple is to when it usually launched the next lineup of iPhones, the record is a surprise. The company usually winds down the current generation of iPhones in anticipation for the next one. But it looks like the iPhone 12 is still going strong — except for the iPhone 12 mini, of course.

Apple still has some ground to cover, though. Recently, a recent rankings report confirmed that Xiaomi has already overtaken Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone maker. Still, the improvement is impressive for a usually slow quarter for Apple.

With hype ramping up for the iPhone 13 series, the company might be on pace to climb the ranks once again.

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I Took A Ride On a Self-Driving Tractor!

Just like your smartphone, AI powers tractors through the fields



Unusual in the GadgetMatch YouTube channel is a visit to a big warehouse full of farming vehicles, windmills, and corn fields. But Michael Josh’s visit at John Deere’s booth last CES 2020 and hosting session in CES 2021 made him gain interest in smart farming equipment.

But do you know what do tractors and smartphones have in common? John Deere’s farming machines are in a way like farming robots. Just like smartphones, they also leverage the power of data and AI — or also known as Artificial Intelligence.

But what makes John Deere’s farming vehicles stand out from the rest? Find out more in our latest video!

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