Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and the larger Galaxy S8+ are beautiful pieces of tech — so much so that some of us are willing to jump ship from our Apple loyalty. Of course, premium gadgets come at distinctly higher prices.

While the pricing in the US can be a bit messy — $720 to $750 for the Galaxy S8 and $840 to $850 for the Galaxy S8+ depending on the carrier — Philippine pricing is a little more straightforward.

Beginning May 5, you can purchase the Galaxy S8 and S8+ for PhP 39,990 and PhP 45,990, respectively. Considering those are only PhP 2,000 to PhP 3,000 more expensive than their US counterparts, those markups aren’t too shabby, especially when you factor in the heavy taxes imported goods normally experience.

These match up to how much an LG G6 currently costs, although the Galaxy S8 is arguably more powerful. At the same time, the most affordable Galaxy S8’s base price is way above the $650 of the cheapest iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, two of Samsung’s closest rivals. At this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next iPhone and Pixel will hit an average price of $800.

On the bright side, the lowest built-in storage option for the S8 pair is 64GB, which can be further expanded with a microSD card. That’s a major upgrade from the 16GB and 32GB storage we’ve gotten used to. Coupled with the one-of-a-kind aesthetics and updated hardware, we’re looking at fair deals for the phones, no matter how outrageous they may seem now.

Need more convincing? Look no further than our hands-on video below:

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