LG V35 ThinQ on its way with possibly no notch

Going against the flow?



Feel a little disappointed that the LG G7 ThinQ is primed to have a screen notch? Fret not(ch), LG might have another flagship without the black cutout on top.

Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi are a few of the major players to recently avoid the trendy feature, and it seems like LG will still be a part of that group by sticking to its traditional design for the rumored V35 ThinQ.

Yes, there’s probably another V30 variant on the way — coming after the V30S ThinQ launched during Mobile World Congress 2018. And yeah, it’ll likely be another minor update to the series.

According to info obtained by AndroidHeadlines, the V35 ThinQ will offer a 6-inch QHD+ OLED display with the 18:9 aspect ratio LG popularized through last year’s G6. Because it’s avoiding the notch, the screen-to-body ratio may settle for only 80 percent, which is lower than the 90 percent found on most notched phones.

This time around, both image sensors on the rear dual-camera setup will have 16 megapixels each, all while retaining the secondary ultra-wide-angle lens LG flagships are known for. Since it has the ThinQ branding, the shooters will come with artificial intelligence to help discern subjects and optimize accordingly.

This being a premium LG handset, there’s going to be a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC on board for better audio quality. And you know what that also means? LG isn’t scrapping the 3.5mm audio port just yet.

There’s no set arrival date for the V35 ThinQ at the moment, but it’s confirmed that the LG G7 ThinQ will launch on May 2 in New York (May 3 in Seoul). The V35 ThinQ should arrive much later to give the G7 ThinQ some breathing room.


iPhone SE most searched during lockdown

Leads searches by a wide margin



While recent reports showed that Samsung’s midrange offering made waves in sales during the first quarter of 2020, a different phone from a different brand started gaining attention while most of us are in lockdown — the iPhone SE.

While this report doesn’t necessarily suggest a strong sales performance, numbers from the iPrice group shows that there’s a huge spike in searches for the iPhone SE in Southeast Asia from March to April.

What’s interesting is while the iPhone SE was rising, smartphones from brands like Huawei, Honor, and OPPO were declining in the searches.

Rounding out the top three is the OnePlus 8 series and followed by Xiaomi’s Mi 10. Does this reflect your own searches?

iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE is a “zag” from Apple. While most other brands started venturing into the premium flagship territory, Apple did the opposite by providing a phone that looks like it came from the past, but has internals that can rival today’s flagships.

If you’ve always been curious about iPhones and/or iOS, this might be the easiest path to take.

Read our iPhone SE review or watch our video.

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Mi MIX Alpha could launch for commercial sale soon

Any guesses on the price?



Xiaomi’s Mi MIX Alpha is a concept phone that the brand has shown off quite a few times. It means the phone isn’t ready for commercial production yet but we could see a similar offering soon in the coming future. There are hints and reports that Xiaomi could launch the Mi MIX Alpha soon.

The brand has maintained that the phone can be mass-produced today if needed. Xiaomi Product PR, Agatha Tang, shared a short video of the phone on Twitter. The phone has a 180 percent screen-to-body ratio thanks to a wraparound Flexible OLED screen.

Furthermore, pictures teardown pictures of the phone have been posted on Xianyu second-hand platform in China. The pictures clearly sh0w the motherboard, screen, cameras, and other modules. While the battery is missing, the post suggests that the Mi MIX Alpha could indeed be close to commercial launch.

The leak says Xiaomi is opting for the latest Snapdragon 865 processor with “Draco” as its codename. If true, Xiaomi will have a very unique offering in a market that’s currently dominated by foldable phones.

Coming to the other internals of the phone, it’ll have a 7.9-inch Flexible OLED display. So far, the concept sports a Snapdragon 855 processor, 12GB RAM, and 512GB internal storage. On the rear is a 108-megapixel primary lens, 20-megapixel wide-angle lens, and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. On the front is a 20-megapixel selfie shooter. Backing these internals is a 4050mAh battery with 40W fast charging.

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Facebook employees walk out to protest against Trump

Some have threatened to resign



Besides other battles happening concurrently, US President Donald Trump is currently spearheading a war against the country’s most popular social media networks. After Twitter’s landmark moderation over Trump’s factually ambiguous tweets, the president signed an executive order to eventually regulate and control what social media can do for moderation in America. Naturally, Twitter went on the defensive, calling out the measure’s implications for liberty. However, Facebook is taking a different approach.

Though Mark Zuckerberg ultimately expressed wariness towards the executive order, he still called out Twitter as an unnecessary “arbiter of truth.” His stance naturally implies Facebook’s passivity towards potential false news posted on his platform. However, despite his stance, Facebook’s employees are much more divided.

On Monday, Facebook employees staged a virtual walkout in protest of Zuckerberg’s stance on Trump’s misleading information, as reported by The New York Times. Because the company is still working remotely, the protesting employees simply refused to work or automated email responses to indicate that they were protesting. Some have even considered resignation amidst internal turmoil.

Lately, Trump has posted antagonistic messages on his social media platforms regarding the brewing protests against George Floyd’s murder. Whereas Twitter has moderated Trump’s tweets fairly, Facebook has allowed Trump’s posts to slide. Facebook’s internal protests are targeting this lackadaisical approach to moderation.

If anything, the network’s protests marks a good change coming for the social media network in terms of moderation.

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