Xbox One X is world’s most powerful game console (for now)



It’s honestly confusing seeing the new Xbox One X with the Xbox One S already in existence since E3 last year, but lo and behold, Microsoft once again has the most powerful game console.

Launched at this year’s E3, the Xbox One X is considered to be a “True 4K” machine, able to make any current Xbox video game look way better on 4K televisions. This is made possible by six teraflops of graphics power using a custom-built GPU, which eclipses the 4.2 teraflops of power of Sony’s PS4 Pro. All that comes in what Microsoft calls its smallest Xbox ever.

As you can see in the comparison above, the Xbox One X in the foreground follows the design language of the Xbox One S at the back. At the moment, black is the only color available for the newer console.

It’s all about refinement, really. This is the console to get if you want to maximize all your games and that 4K TV you’ve been wanting to take advantage of (or actually buy). The only trade-off is the price: It’ll retail for $499 and only begin shipping on November 7, 2017.

That’s notably more expensive than the Xbox One S of last year, and Sony’s flagship console. The Xbox One X does carry its weight, though; it comes built with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, plus 12GB of memory and 1TB of storage as its base configuration.

There’s still a question mark over the marketability of this console. Is an “X” version easy to pick up beside a much cheaper “S” model? Does upscaling older games really look better? Could a potential PS4 Pro price cut ruin Microsoft’s momentum? Let’s give this some time.

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Montecrypto: Be the first to beat it and earn a Bitcoin!

A race to beat it first for around US$ 11,500!



Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma is a puzzle game on Steam that has blatantly promised to give the first person to beat the game a bitcoin. It’s as seemingly simple as it is. Players have to solve a grueling 24 different puzzles and the first player to finish all of the puzzles will receive one Bitcoin. Don’t think it’s worth a try? One Bitcoin is currently worth about US$ 11,537.30.

In the game, you can either work alone or together to leave hints or slow others down by lying to them. The developers, Gem Rose Accent, wrote:

MontecryptoThe Bitcoin Enigma is an experiment in player choice and cooperation like no other, with a prize that translates not only to bragging rights but to real world recognition. How much will players be willing to share, how much will they be able to compromise, and who will claim access to the final vault of Montecrypto?

The developers, Gem Rose Accent, will launch Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma for US$ 2 on Steam on February 20!

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Mario is getting his own encyclopedia!

Anyone else hoping to find a gold cartridge?



After unquestionable success with three of The Legend of Zelda reference books, Dark Horse Comics sets its sights on the Mushroom KingdomThey’re releasing a Super Mario Encyclopedia!

The Super Mario Encyclopedia digs deep into three decades of Nintendo gaming into the Super Mario Encyclopedia. It takes a terrifyingly detailed look at nearly every Super Mario game Nintendo has made — from Super Mario Bros. in 1985 to Super Mario 3D World three years ago. It lays out details of level layouts, enemies, glitches, and tricks. It has 256 pages dedicated to Mario including an interview with producer, Takashi Tezuka, on tips to find every star, coin, sun, and mushroom!

Unfortunately, it won’t include Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo previously teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to create three The Legend of Zelda books. They then released a deluxe version of The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia which comes with a gold cartridge. Is it enough to have a valid sneaking suspicion that they’ll be releasing something similar for the Mario encyclopedia? I personally think so.

The standard edition of the book will be released with a retail price of US$ 40 on October 23 this year.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ has two confirmed DLC characters!

Hold on to your character wishlists!



Our jaws dropped in harmony to the first trailer and release of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Despite 24 playable characters already available in the game, Bandai Namco decided to add eight characters to the roster as DLC. While everything has been mostly quiet about who these will be, a Japanese magazine V-Jump revealed two of them.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s next two characters are the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly and Goku’s father, Bardock. We had Broly in our character wishlist even before the game was released. The two characters will be available as premium DLC, although their availability date and price have not yet been announced.


Broly’s special is Gigantic Meteor which is an enormous energy ball that uses three Ki gauges. Bardock’s special attack is called Revenger Assault. When activated, he goes Super Saiyan and delivers a furious rush attack.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Broly and Bardock are included in the game’s season pass, along with the six other unrevealed DLC characters. Bandai Namco hasn’t announced individual pricing for the two additions, but the season pass costs US$ 35.

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