Huawei’s flagship P9 smartphone was such a hit last year — selling millions worldwide since its launch — that expecting anything less from the succeeding P10 would be criminal.

To build excitement for Huawei’s next brand-defining handset (along with the impressive Mate 9 phablet), we’ve compiled the rumored features that could define the P10’s success. While listing ten would’ve been great to match the model name, leaks are scarce and the Chinese company is tight-lipped until the official launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 26.

Here we go:

Leica branding on the camera/s

This should be expected, as taking away the signature Leica labeling seen on the Mate 9 and P9 would be a shame. Although working with the famed German camera brand for its phones hasn’t yielded revolutionary image quality yet, Huawei badly needs the western branding for its marketing push beyond China.

One of the earliest leaks reveals the return of Leica branding

Nothing is certain how Huawei will execute its camera setup this time around, but based on leaks, we’ll definitely find two cameras on the rear just like with the P9. It’s likely the technology will be close to what the Mate 9 employs, since it came out just last November.

Three different versions

Based on specs that have appeared on online benchmarks, we might be seeing a P10 Lite and P10 Plus on top of the regular model. We have no idea if they’ll all launch at the same time, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see variants catering to different needs down the line. Although chances are the primary differences will be on the display sizes, Huawei has been known to introduce class-defining features on the highest-end model; a perfect example would be the Mate 9 Pro and its Porsche Design equivalent.

The one to the left might be the P10 Plus, while the one to the right could be the regular P10

The fastest Huawei processor yet

It goes without saying Huawei will use its own HiSilicon Kirin processor to power the P10, much like all its other flagship smartphones. We can assume it’ll be at least as powerful as the Kirin 960 found in the Mate 9, but a slightly improved variant shouldn’t be out of the question, either. It’ll have a lot to live up to, though, with Qualcomm’s highly efficient Snapdragon 835 chipset debuting soon on competing flagship smartphones.

Bigger, possibly curved display

Tough to say if this is an improvement, but the P10 may come with a larger 5.5-inch display instead of the more pocket-friendly 5.2-inch size of the P9. To make up for the bump up in bulk, there should be a higher-resolution Quad HD display on board, much sharper than the Full HD resolution of its predecessor. Even cooler is the possibility of a curved display similar to many of last year’s premium devices, though it might only appear on the more expensive P10 Plus as an incentive to spend more.

Prices range from $500 for the cheapest P10 to a whopping $825 for the best P10 Plus model

Fancy new colors

Every smartphone manufacturer — and I mean every — wants to jump start a trendy color for everyone else to follow. Apple did it with rose gold, OPPO with hot red, and others with some form of blue. As for Huawei, we’re looking at green and purple as possibly being the next cool options. That’s based on leaked renders, of course, and they would add on to the usual black, gold, and gray we’re so used to seeing on phones by now.

Could one of these be the next flavor of the month?

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