5 highly anticipated features of the Huawei P10



Huawei’s flagship P9 smartphone was such a hit last year — selling millions worldwide since its launch — that expecting anything less from the succeeding P10 would be criminal.

To build excitement for Huawei’s next brand-defining handset (along with the impressive Mate 9 phablet), we’ve compiled the rumored features that could define the P10’s success. While listing ten would’ve been great to match the model name, leaks are scarce and the Chinese company is tight-lipped until the official launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 26.

Here we go:

Leica branding on the camera/s

This should be expected, as taking away the signature Leica labeling seen on the Mate 9 and P9 would be a shame. Although working with the famed German camera brand for its phones hasn’t yielded revolutionary image quality yet, Huawei badly needs the western branding for its marketing push beyond China.

One of the earliest leaks reveals the return of Leica branding

Nothing is certain how Huawei will execute its camera setup this time around, but based on leaks, we’ll definitely find two cameras on the rear just like with the P9. It’s likely the technology will be close to what the Mate 9 employs, since it came out just last November.

Three different versions

Based on specs that have appeared on online benchmarks, we might be seeing a P10 Lite and P10 Plus on top of the regular model. We have no idea if they’ll all launch at the same time, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see variants catering to different needs down the line. Although chances are the primary differences will be on the display sizes, Huawei has been known to introduce class-defining features on the highest-end model; a perfect example would be the Mate 9 Pro and its Porsche Design equivalent.

The one to the left might be the P10 Plus, while the one to the right could be the regular P10

The fastest Huawei processor yet

It goes without saying Huawei will use its own HiSilicon Kirin processor to power the P10, much like all its other flagship smartphones. We can assume it’ll be at least as powerful as the Kirin 960 found in the Mate 9, but a slightly improved variant shouldn’t be out of the question, either. It’ll have a lot to live up to, though, with Qualcomm’s highly efficient Snapdragon 835 chipset debuting soon on competing flagship smartphones.

Bigger, possibly curved display

Tough to say if this is an improvement, but the P10 may come with a larger 5.5-inch display instead of the more pocket-friendly 5.2-inch size of the P9. To make up for the bump up in bulk, there should be a higher-resolution Quad HD display on board, much sharper than the Full HD resolution of its predecessor. Even cooler is the possibility of a curved display similar to many of last year’s premium devices, though it might only appear on the more expensive P10 Plus as an incentive to spend more.

Prices range from $500 for the cheapest P10 to a whopping $825 for the best P10 Plus model

Fancy new colors

Every smartphone manufacturer — and I mean every — wants to jump start a trendy color for everyone else to follow. Apple did it with rose gold, OPPO with hot red, and others with some form of blue. As for Huawei, we’re looking at green and purple as possibly being the next cool options. That’s based on leaked renders, of course, and they would add on to the usual black, gold, and gray we’re so used to seeing on phones by now.

Could one of these be the next flavor of the month?

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Dyson Airwrap hair tutorial and real-life hold test

Is it hard to use? Does it really work?



The Dyson Airwrap, ever since its announcement, has been the stuff of hairstyle dreams and legends. The high-tech curling iron revolutionizes the way we do our hair!

But, does it really work? Can a normal girl like myself actually get her hair to look as fab with this new-fangled hair gadget? I put it to the test.

In the video above, you see me doing my hair and the final looks. I try a total of two styles — curly and straight — and take my ‘do out and about to see if my hair would hold. And yes folks, this was only the second time I used the Airwrap on myself, ever.

The results impressed!

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, click HERE to watch

Stay tuned for the full review of the Dyson Airwrap on Her GadgetMatch. For similar topics and features, visit the website here.

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Plan for Black Friday early with these amazing deals

It’s time to ready your shopping list and wallet



We’re midway through November already, inching towards Thanksgiving and one of the most awaited dates for shopping — Black Friday. To help you get yourself and your wallet ready, we scoured through the internet to find some of the best tech deals that’ll be popping up next week. Here are some offers that you might want to take advantage of on November 23rd.

17.3-inch ASUS TUF gaming laptop (US$ 999)

This ASUS Gaming Laptop will be going down by US$ 400, so if you’ve been wanting a gaming laptop, this might be the time to cop one. And if you have a more limited budget, you could also check out the HP Pavilion CX0056WM Gaming Laptop for  under US$ 600 with over US$ 100 worth of extra gaming software at Walmart.

HyperDrive USB Type-C Hub for MacBooks (US$ 69.99)

This would make a perfect gift for that person you know who lives the #donglelife. Check out the deal at Best Buy.

Sony PS4 1TB Slim Spider‑Man Bundle (US$ 199) and Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle (US$ 299)

The best console deals come out this time of year, and next week, both the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 bundle and the Minecraft Creators Xbox One S bundle will be up for grabs!

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Kart Deluxe Bundle (US$ 299)

Another console being featured this Black Friday is the Nintendo Switch. Why not get the Switch with an amazing party game for your holiday gatherings? You can check the deal out at Best Buy or Walmart.

Pac-Man or Galaga Retro Arcade Machine (US$ 249)

For retro gamers or those who want to reminisce about the arcade days, this would definitely be a great item to pick up. Check it out at Target.

Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 3) (US$ 25) and Google Home Mini (US$ 25)

Get in the smart home/speaker game with the Amazon Echo Dot at half the price! You can also go with the Google Home Mini, if Alexa’s not your jam.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (128GB) with keyboard (US$ 599)

Why not get a powerful and portable device? The Surface Pro 6 will be US$ 360 cheaper on Friday, and it might be a good time to pick it up. The deal will be available at Best Buy.

65-inch 4K Smart Roku TV (US$ 398) and 40-inch Hisense 1080p TV (US$ 99)

This Walmart deal is probably one of the best TV deals we’ve ever seen. But if 65 inches is too big or you have a more limited budget, there’s also a 40-inch option that’s an incredible deal, as well.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones (US$ 99)

It might be a great chance to pick up a pair of wireless buds from one of the best audio companies out there for under US$ 100. If that’s still a bit too steep though, the Skullcandy Method Wireless Earbuds will also be available at Best Buy for US$ 25, and they’re good quality too.

Anki’s Cozmo (US$ 139.99) and Vector (US$ 199.99) Robots

Anki has been making their rounds on the internet with these two adorable little robots. They would make for a great gift for children and adults alike, and will be marked down at Best Buy this Thanksgiving weekend.

There you have it! Just a few sneaky bits we found ahead of all the ads. We’re sure there’ll be loads more amazing stuff to check out, but this is a good place to start. We hope you enjoy your holidays, and be careful if you’re planning to face the Black Friday mobs. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Huawei, ZTE face ban amid 5G arms race: Weekend Rewind

It’s a security issue



Here are this week’s top stories on GadgetMatch.

1. Huawei and ZTE facing more potential bans

Huawei and ZTE have had a relatively hard time breaking through the US and it looks like they’ll face similar problems in other countries. While the US has allowed both Chinese companies to operate in their soil, the likes of Australia, Japan, the UK, and Germany aren’t exactly eager to welcome these two.

The cause for concern is China’s newly implemented National Intelligence Law. This law forces Chinese companies and individuals to serve the Chinese government when needed. Other countries fear this could compromise security.

Huawei and ZTE are gearing up towards 5G but with this current development, it looks like they’ll need to look elsewhere to establish their infrastructure.

2. PLDT, Smart activates first 5G towers in PH

Speaking of 5G, the Philippines isn’t one of the countries that’s blocking China. In fact, the government may be too welcoming. Partnering with Huawei and Ericsson, telecommunications company PLDT along with its wireless arm Smart has activated two 5G cell sites in the country.

The first one is located in Makati City where the company’s headquarters is also found. The other is in Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, a neighboring region of Metro Manila.

3. MediaTek gearing up for 5G

Still on 5G, MediaTek is already hard at work in developing its 5G-capable chip. In a media tour in Taiwan, the company showcased the Helio M70 which does just that.

MediaTek says commercial rollout won’t happen until 2020 but they’re already prepared to showcase the chip at the next MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain.


Image source: LetsGoDigital

4. Apple patents holed iPhone design

Is Apple killing the notch? That appears to be the case if the latest patent they filed is any indication. LetsGoDigital reported that Apple is planning a holed smartphone.

According to the patent, the front-facing camera could be hidden underneath the screen through that hole. Whether or not this will be the case for the next iPhone remains to be seen. We all just have to wait and see.

5. PlayStation to skip E3 2019

PlayStation won’t be present when annual gaming convention E3 comes around in 2019. This marks the first time in the show’s 24-year history that Sony won’t be present.

In a statement sent to multiple outlets, Sony said, “As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community. PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently, and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you

It’s all very vague at this point but the company could be all hands on deck for an even more major reveal *cough* PlayStation 5 *cough* and they want the attention all to themselves instead of sharing it with other platforms.

Weekend Rewind is our roundup of top news and features you might have missed for the week. We know the world of technology can be overwhelming and not everyone has the time to get up to speed with everything — and that includes us. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the rewind.

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