Essential is working on a really long smartphone

Tweeted by founder, Andy Rubin



Image source: Andy Rubin

How many weird smartphones have we seen this year so far? February’s Galaxy Fold announcement sparked an overwhelming wave of creativity in the industry. Since then, smartphone designers have churned out the most bizarre concepts and prototypes including a rolled smartphone, a peekaboo camera, and some outright weird ones. And the year isn’t even done yet.

Essential, yesteryear’s hottest upcoming brand, is officially testing an all-new form factor. The company’s founder, Andy Rubin, recently tweeted a series of photos detailing the new device. Unlike today’s “bigger is better” motto, Essential’s upcoming smartphone is a long one. Literally.

Rather than the usual aspect ratios, the long Essential smartphone is much, much taller than it is wide. On the rear, the device sports a single camera lens and an LED flash. It will come in at least four different colors: azure, vermillion, orange, and turquoise (as far as we can see, at least). All four colors have a very metallic sheen. In fact, some colors even have a slight gradient.

Of course, software is another story. The screen has a sizable bezel, for one. On the other hand, the user interface is an entirely different story. Because of the orientation, apps are more elongated. For sure, the software will require more developer support.

Given the size, the upcoming smartphone might be a problem for small hands and tiny fingers. Unfortunately, the tweet does not show much of the phone’s operation or projected development cycle.

Because of Essential’s past, the smartphone is still an unknown. Last December, the company canceled the development of the Essential Phone’s successor. Likewise, Rubin was also recently embroiled in a sexual misconduct case during his time with Google. The tech giant supposedly bribed the former Google employee to leave the company after the misconduct investigations.

In any case, despite the uncertainty, Essential’s long phone is a strange addition to the crowding market.

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