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Top 10 Video Games of 2017



2017 will go down in history as one of the best years in gaming. Here are 10 excellent reasons, with number one being GadgetMatch’s game of the year.

10. Persona 5 

Persona 5 isn’t the best game of the year, but it makes a good case for being the most game of the year. It takes around 100+ hours to beat; it has deep dungeon crawling with puzzle-solving; it’s got robust turn-based combat; and it’s also a light high-school simulator with a suite of social activities! The story tackles all sorts of societal ills, from child abuse to corruption in politics.

It stumbles on some aspects, most notably the hit-or-miss English localization, the sluggish pacing in the final stretch, and the portrayal of some of the women and queer characters. It soars, however, in its supreme sense of style, acid jazz symphonic string-funk soundtrack, and infectious rebellious spirit.

9. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 

Video games can be a great escape from the maddening realities of life, especially with 2017’s barrage of bad news. They let us indulge in power fantasies when we feel weak and helpless. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus couldn’t have come at a better time with its vicious takedown of fascism via ultraviolence, toilet humor teetering towards the absurd, and intense introspection.

And while slaughtering virtual Nazis with hatchets and guns akimbo is cathartic as hell, Wolfenstein II hits the hardest when it highlights its diverse characters. Militant black activists, an alien conspiracy nut, Southern socialists, and a boyband-loving ex-Nazi codebreaker join the party of oddities from the previous game, and it results in the most dynamic cast that serves as inspiration for collective resistance in real life.

8. Super Mario Odyssey

If there’s one word that encapsulates Super Mario Odyssey, it’s joy. Unabashed, honest-to-goodness joy. From its many candy-colored kingdoms to the cute creatures that inhabit them to the head-bobbing rhythms that play in each level, just being in Super Mario Odyssey is a treat.

What makes the game great though is that the joy of “being” extends to what you are doing. In Mario’s cliched quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser one more time, the joy is in discovering novel ways to interact with the world through the help of your hat buddy Cappy (and the bodies of enemies and friendlies you basically possess!). Super Mario Odyssey rewards that natural curiosity with in-game progression, sure, but it never forgets that the mere act of playing should be fun on its own.

7. Cuphead

Getting a glimpse of Cuphead and thinking it’s an old-timey cartoon is an incredibly easy mistake to make. Studio MDHR, the brand new creative force behind Cuphead, showed impeccable dedication to recreating the wild and mesmerizing aesthetic pioneered in the 1930s by cartoonist Max Fleischer. While there is debate to be had about the game ignoring that art style’s racist history, there is no argument over Cuphead elevating the good parts of that distinct look to hypnotic heights.

Cuphead’s beauty isn’t just skin deep, either. Its retro visuals and big band/ragtime soundtrack pair perfectly with its brutally hard throwback run ‘n’ gun shoot ’em up gameplay reminiscent of Contra. Thanks to the super-tight controls, varied weapons and upgrades, and the astonishing multi-phase boss fights, beating Cuphead is even more rewarding than seeing it in action for the first time.

6. What Remains of Edith Finch 

Much has been said about video games’ ability to tell stories. When so many rely on cinematics or pages of text to deliver their narratives, it feels like what makes the medium special is wasted. What Remains of Edith Finch harnesses that singular strength of interactivity to tell not just one story but a whole clan’s history in ways only video games can.

The player takes an active role in each tale, reliving the last moments of every Finch family member through surreal sequences that never stop surprising. These imaginative vignettes blur reality with flights of fancy and call upon the player to navigate the spaces between. Most importantly, What Remains of Edith Finch makes the case as to why humans need to tell stories: to cope with grief, to make sense of chaos, to learn from mistakes, and to keep precious memories alive.

5. Horizon Zero Dawn

A lot of elements in Horizon Zero Dawn feel familiar, especially if you’ve been playing a lot of big budget games in the past decade. It has a massive open world filled with so much stuff. It has a light RPG upgrade system with unlockable skills. It has collecting and crafting. Even its setting sounds predictable: It’s in a post-apocalyptic future, sentient machines roam the world, the hero has a special connection to the mysterious forces that brought about the end of the previous world, and it’s up to her to discover the truth.

And yet Horizon Zero Dawn manages to defy expectations. It’s the most picturesque AAA game on consoles. Clans with different cultures populate the land, and the characters you meet from each one tell personal tales that weave into the larger political landscape. Completing side quests factor into the main plot’s climax. The narrative deftly deviates from where you think it’s heading while still making complete sense. You play as a clever, badass woman with relatable vulnerabilities and motivations! Oh and yes, fighting giant robot dinosaurs is a tactical, terrifying, and ultimately satisfying experience like nothing else in the genre.

4. Pyre 

It’s a strange combination, framing sports gameplay within a visual novel. Pyre is a triumphant slam dunk for succeeding at both ends. The 3v3 basketball-but-with-powers game is layered in its systems, kinetic in action, and exhilarating in execution. The writing is rich with both characterization and world-building. It also helps that the art is absolutely gorgeous and expressive. Staring at mostly static character portraits while reading text has never been so absorbing.

The true magic happens when these two parts come together. Depending on who you choose to have on your team and the opponents you face, the characters react accordingly to each other before, during, and after a match. Win or lose, the story continues, and people will come and go based on the outcome. Dire, unfair circumstances brought on by an oppressive regime make for game-changing, heartbreaking choices that will resonate with players uniquely.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There aren’t many prestigious and influential series that continue to have long-standing success over three decades. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild throws out almost everything those 30+ years have proven to be profitable, replacing the rigid linearity of the past for an “open air” adventure. It was a bold move by Nintendo, but like the company’s innovation with the Switch, it resulted in a revitalizing way to play.

It’s in the way the sight lines always have something that’s singularly grand off in the distance that make you want to travel the vast distances. It’s in the way the physical laws of the world apply to everyone and everything, inviting experimentation just to see what happens. It’s in the way the game just gives you one ultimate goal and lets you tackle it however you want. It’s liberating.

2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Who saw this coming? A rather bland-looking military-style multiplayer shooter inspired by a cult Japanese film taking the gaming world by storm? With a horrible title like that? None of these negatives really matters when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is that good.

The sheer scale of having 100 players fight is exciting. Trying to account for the behavior of 99 other humans while considering the randomness in where equipment can be found and which zones in a sprawling island are safe sounds impossible! Yet 25 million people and counting keep trying. Because the thrill in the nervous anticipation, the bullets that break the silence, the explosive gun battles, the wacky car chases, the first taste of that delicious chicken dinner, and countless other short stories is revelatory.

1. Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata isn’t perfect. Its open world looks like a slightly souped-up PS3-era level. The default difficulty setting doesn’t encourage mixing up your play style, leading to many tedious combat sections. A chunk of the middle could have been edited to remove unnecessary repetition. It could’ve done without allowing players to perv on one of the main characters.

But it’s the flaws that Nier: Automata is interested in examining. It blurs the arbitrary lines we humans set to define gender, humanity, and divinity, much like how it seamlessly switches gameplay modes and perspectives. It zeroes in on the irrational motivations humans have to determine self-worth even when it hurts through its cast of sad, funny robots and ass-kicking, angst-ridden androids.

It also reminds us that we’re all we’ve really got in this crazy world, and that we have the choice to lend our hands and voices to help one another and rise above our differences.

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CES 2020

GadgetMatch Awards: Best of CES 2020

A peek into the future



Turning the page to a New Year always feels symbolic. It’s a new beginning, a chance to start fresh. What better way to kick things off than to get a sneak peek at what’s coming next? That’s exactly what CES 2020 gave us.

This year’s CES is by far one of the most well-rounded ones. Sure, we got our usual cool gaming things, some laptops here and there, and even new phones. But we also got a glimpse at living and traveling in the future could really look like.

Best Kitchen Appliance: LG InstaView ThinQ Oven with Air Fry

We’ve always loved how you could knock on LG InstaView refrigerators to get a peek at what’s inside, that way you save energy by not letting out cold air. This year, LG is bringing that same tech to their new InstaView ThinQ Range and it’s a match made in heaven. Imagine not having to open the oven to keep a close eye on the cake you’re baking, just knock on the oven door twice and the oven lights open. The oven is self cleaning too. Oh and did we tell you, it’s also got a built-in air fryer!

Best Urban Gardening Solution: LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator

With studies pointing to how there soon won’t be enough land to feed the earth’s growing population, giving people the option to grow food in their own homes is a step in the right direction. While it’s not going to be an appliance you’ll think of buying first, LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator is a good way to invest in the sustainability of your future. While it might look like a fridge, a cooler it isn’t. Instead it replicates all the right conditions needed to go produce outdoors. The indoor gardening machine can grow produce enough for a family of four.

Best Mobility Concept: LG Connected Car

If there’s no place like home, wouldn’t it be amazing if everywhere was home? That’s the thinking behind LG’s new seamless life initiative. Their connected car concept imagines a future where rides are shared but the experience is still personalized. From seats that adjust to feel like your favorite comfy seat, to continuing that movie from where you left off at home, to a virtual assistant that’s a voice command away — LG’s Connected Car gets us excited about the future of mobility.   

Best PC: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

While foldable smartphones are sexy, tablets that fold into laptop computers make even better sense and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold is leading the charge. A concept device not too long ago became a reality at this year’s CES. Why do we love it? Because it’s one of the most versatile PCs ever. It’s both a desktop computer and a laptop. It’s an e-reader, digital notebook, tablet for watching videos or playing games.

Best Smart Home Device: Lenovo Smart Frame

If pictures can truly say a thousand words, then the Lenovo Smart Frame will let you say a million. It’s exactly what its name says it is. The Lenovo Smart Frame will let you display any album or collection on your Google Photos.

Don’t feel like showing off your personal shots? It comes with a free app with hundreds of art pieces to choose from. As far as wall decors go, this might just be one of the smartest at the moment.

Best Laptop: Lenovo Lavie Pro Mobile

Made of lightweight magnesium-lithium array through Japanese craftsmanship with a minimalist design. I don’t know about you, but that sounds sexy AF — and that’s not something one usually says about a laptop.

Every single inch of the the Lenovo Lavie Pro Mobile screams premium. Inside is Intel’s 8th gen chip with 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. That’s not bad at all.

Best Chromebook: ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 

One look and you wouldn’t think the C436 is a Chromebook. It’s like a regular premium laptop through and through. At 13.7mm and 1.1kg, this is the thinnest and lightest 14-inch Chromebook.

That tiny body packs a lot of punch though. Up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD storage, Wi-Fi 6. Two USB-C ports, microSD card slot up to 2TB.

Then the fact that it’s a flip which means you get various modes like laptop, tablet, and tent mode. This is as versatile a Chromebook as it gets.

Best Gaming Laptop: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

The very first thing you’ll notice about the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is its LED dot-matrix lid. Similar to how you can customize RGB lighting on most other gaming laptops, you can make the Zephyrus G14 truly yours just like we did ours. Don’t lets its size fool you either, this gaming notebook packs a punch with NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card and 120Hz display for silky smooth gaming. Want!

Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note enjoys a cult following because of an experience and functionality that remains unmatched by any Android rival. Understandably this top-of-the-line phone comes with a premium price tag. Which is why we couldn’t be more than excited about the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.  It’s got has everything you’d expect from a Galaxy Note: big display, huge battery, and of course the S Pen. It even offers something its big brother doesn’t — a headphone jack. Now everyone can own a Galaxy Note!

Best Lifestyle TV: Samsung The Sero

Remember the time when shooting vertical videos was laughed at? These days, we’ve embraced both portrait and landscape content, and it only makes sense that televisions can switch between the two — just like we do on our smartphones. While innovation in TV tech is defined by screen size, resolution and color, Samsung’s spinning The Sero, with its forward thinking approach to media consumption is THE ONE that caught our eyes at CES 2020.

Best Gaming Desktop: Razer Tomahawk

The most fun thing about building PCs is how you can easily change parts to upgrade. The Razer Tomahawk is a compact PC gaming solution that makes it easy to slot in upgradeable components without the need for a toolbox.

Utilizing Intel’s NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element — which is essentially a system-on-a-card that’s powered by 9th-gen Intel Core H-Series processors — the Razer Tomahawk N1 chassis can be opened from the rear, with a lock-and-slide mechanism allowing for easy access to the case’s internals.

Best Gaming Concept: Alienware Concept UFO Prototype

For many years now manufacturers have tried to find ways to make PC gaming more portable. But the more powerful gaming laptops get, the farther away from portable they become. As a result many gamers resort to buying or building desktop rigs with an insane amount of computing power.

Alienware wants to change that and Concept UFO might just be the ultimate portable PC gaming device. Imagine being able to take your entire Steam library and play whenever, wherever. Its big display and detachable controllers make it a perfect companion for those who want to game at home or on the go.

Best Midrange Smartphone: TCL Pro 10

TCL makes a splash in the smartphone space this year with its first self-branded smartphone lineup headlined by the TCL Pro 10. In its first attempt at a midrange smartphone, it delivers on what we so desperately need — a flagship experience for less. Leveraging the company’s experience expertise in TV display technology and a focus on a camera that can compete with the best, this phone has all the right ingredients to make you want to consider it.

Best Value for Money TV: TCL 6-Series TV (2020)


TCL has always been known for offering good products for less money, and its popular 6-series TV remains at the forefront of that. Not only is it moving on from Quantum dots to Mini LEDs, rumors suggest the 2020 version might be even cheaper than the 2019 models.

So you’re getting a better viewing experience for less. Hard to argue when you’re getting such great value.

Best Wireless Earphones: TCL ACTV200BT

There’s much more to TCL’s new wireless earphones, the ACTV200BT, than just providing the soundtrack to daily workout. It’s also equipped with a multi-sensor system that will accurately read and monitor your heart rate. The system is called ActivHearts and it works with the majority of sports apps. The device can last over 14 hours of playtime and six hours with the heart rate monitor on. It’s also capable of fast charging so you can get two hours of extra power when you charge it for fifteen minutes.

Best Audio Product: Vizio Elevate Soundbar

When Vizio set out to make their award winning sound bar even better, they decided to focus on ensuring that when you listen to music on it, it sounds just as good as audio from your favorite movie or video game. Because you deserve great sounding content regardless!  The new Elevate Sound Bar comes with auto rotating speakers so you get more focused  Dobly Atmos and DTS:X content.

Best Mobility Award: Audi AI:ME

Over the last few years we’ve seen CES becoming more and more important to cars, to the point where it almost felt like a car show. While there wasn’t a shortage of concept cars this year, there weren’t a lot that you could actually drive — which makes our ride on Audi’s AI:ME self-driving car one of our favorite moments from the show. This futuristic vehicle was unlike any other we’ve experienced with massive glass windows, luxurious interiors and a feeling of zen. Audi wants its car of the future to be empathic — using artificial intelligence to understand and adapt to our needs and preferences. It’s a refreshing approach from a car manufacturer. At CES Audi didn’t come to sell any particular car, but instead is using it as a platform to engage in conversations about the future of mobility.

Best Personal Care Device: Colgate Plaqless Pro Toothbrush

Smart toothbrushes aren’t new and there are many good ones in the market today. But, like any tool, the effectiveness of a smart toothbrush relies heavily on proper use. Colgate’s upcoming Plaqless Pro toothbrush hopes to address this, with optical sensors that identify plaque on each tooth as you brush and an indicator light that tells you when to move on to the next one. Now that’s smart brushing done right!

Sustainability Award: Food Solution: Impossible Pork

While red meat tastes so good, excessive consumption of it is not good for the planet. So if you’re looking at ways of reducing your carbon footprint, a plant-based diet can be one of the easiest steps to take. There are many meat substitutes in the market today but nothing comes close to the taste and texture of actual meat than those made by Impossible Foods. At this year’s CES, the food tech company best known for the Impossible Burger rolled out Impossible Pork. At the show we tried a Vietnamese banh mi made with Impossible Pork, and it was so good we think the company should just rebrand to Possible — because thanks to them a plant-based diet is.

Sustainability Award: Use of AI in Agriculture: John Deere R4038 Sprayer

There were many sexy vehicles at CES, but we found the story of agriculture equipment company John Deere equally sexy. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning the company is building tractors, harvesters and other agricultural vehicles with a focus on sustainability and reducing farming’s impact on the environment. Take for example the R4038 Sprayer. Let’s put it this way, not every square foot of land have the same needs, this machine is smart enough to know which parts need extra care. And with its ExactApply nozzle control system, they’ve been able to make tasks like spraying pesticide an extremely precise operation. John Deere’s innovative tech solutions allow this behemoth of a farming machine spray just what’s needed to only where it is needed.

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Best of 2019: Our favorite cars

Different rides for different lifestyles



Here at GadgetMatch we always try to find the right match for you whether it be the latest smartphones, gaming laptops, and even vehicles. This is why for this article, we’ll be listing down our favorite car models that we’ve personally tried and are great options for everyone’s different lifestyles.

2019 Chevrolet Spark 1.4 CVT Premier

Chevy’s offering in the subcompact category is an attractive option to those who are budget conscious. With the 2019 Spark Premier, you get a relatively powerful engine, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for connectivity, and a price tag that gives it a competitive edge against its peers.

2019 MG ZS

Sometimes, you don’t have to have the extra horsepower and all you need is an efficient yet capable vehicle for your everyday drive in the city. The MG ZS ticks both but has something more up its sleeve — having that high-end look that successfully turns heads on the road.

2019 Honda Civic RS Turbo

A fun, adrenaline-packed vehicle could best describe the Honda Civic RS Turbo. It handles well, drives smooth, and is for those who get aggressive when taking on open roads. We could confidently say the 10th-gen Civic is shaping up to be the comeback that the people have been waiting for.

2019 Nissan Leaf EV

If sustainability is your thing, you’d be glad to know that Nissan has already started the initiative to electrify the globe and specifically Southeast Asia. At the forefront is the company’s Leaf EV which is expected to be available in more markets starting 2020. We’re anxious to see how the world’s most sold EV would fare in different regions and contribute to making things a bit eco-friendlier.

2019 Suzuki Jimny

Now we move on to the more rugged side of things. If you’re the kind who enjoys going for the road less traveled, the Suzuki Jimny might be for you. It’s compact and could pass as a ‘cute’ vehicle but when the paved road ends, the fun begins for this little monster. Its 4×4 capabilities are no joke and could almost compete with the bigger boys when it comes to trail rides.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger Raptor is what we meant when we talk about bigger rides. This performance truck gives you the confidence to take on obstacles along the way simply by how it was put together. Plus, you’d think a ride this intimidating would be a challenge to drive but take it for a spin and it’ll feel like you’re bringing a vehicle much smaller than its actual size.

2019 Toyota RAV4 LTD

When it comes to style, the new Toyota RAV4 with its Cyan Metallic paint job is an attention seeker through and through. The design is far from the earlier generations of RAV4 but it’s also a lot more spacious inside — both for passengers and your luggage. It also comes with tech goodness like wireless smartphone charging among others, that will most probably satisfy the millennial in all of us.

A video on the Toyota RAV4 is yet to come out so be sure to check back for it!

2020 Range Rover Evoque

If you’re the type who wants to cruise in comfort and luxury, the Range Rover Evoque is something that will please your senses. From the way it looks, it’s already got that iconic style with its rising beltline and sloping roofline. Your touch will be treated to high-quality leather for its seats while ride comfort is smooth throughout.

And when the situation calls for it, the Evoque could tough it out and go off-roading.

2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

One of the biggest factors when buying a new car, apart from function, is how it looks. The impact of that first glance. Something that would make you look twice. Some of us have that desire to break the norm and it seems like Hyundai took note of this demand — and made it fast.

Mazda MX-5 RF Club Edition

This Club Edition variant in the Philippines sits just below the 30th Anniversary Edition MX-5 RF and comes with new Recaro seats, BBS alloy wheels, and some updates in features. Other than that, it’s the same sexy design that many of us fell in love with.

For those not afraid of attention, roll down that hardtop and enjoy the feeling of freedom this sleek machine has to offer.

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Foldable phones arrived in 2019 but do we really need them?

Or is it just a gimmick?



2019 has definitely been an exciting year thanks to the numerous advances we’ve made in mobile technology. We’re one step closer to the 5G revolution, the number of camera lenses on a phone has drastically increased, and affordable phones offer more features than ever.

However, this year witnessed a major milestone. Samsung has been working on foldable displays for years. Their AMOLED display technology is unchallenged and the brand wanted to leverage it for other futuristic projects like a bendable phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was unveiled and was supposed to go on sale soon. But, the initial units were found to be extremely delicate and journalists ended up with broken display within no time. Samsung was quick to acknowledge the fault and delayed the commercial launch by a few months. In the end, the Fold was available commercially and despite its hefty price tag, the response has been positive.

Though, everyone who bought the phone knew what they’re getting — first-generation technology. This means the product still has a lot of room for improvement due to future advancements and this is just the stepping stone. Samsung has been confident that it’ll be able to carve out a new market for foldable phones and recent reports have also suggested a low-cost foldable phone could be in the works.

But why do we need a foldable phone?

Ideally, a foldable phone has a lot of use case scenarios. A phone can be easily converted into a tablet for a bigger display (Fold’s implementation) or we could just fold a phone and make it smaller (Motorola razr’s setup). The technology offers more room for designers to play around with.

Following the footsteps of Samsung, Huawei too unveiled the Mate X this year, but there’s no word on its commercial launch due to the ongoing US ban. Ultimately, every phone maker is keen on getting on board this trend because everyone is talking about it.

Why foldable phones are still a niche?

Practically though, it’s a risky bet to actually replace your conventional phone with a foldable one. Firstly, the body of the phone is often considered sensitive and cannot handle drops like a usual phone. A single crack on the screen could render it useless and fixing a bendable screen isn’t going to be a pocket-friendly affair.

Secondly, the industry is yet to accept foldable phones as a mainstream offering. A decade back, the developer industry was scrambling to make their apps work on a 16:9 screen of a smartphone. Similarly, foldable phones have a unique set of challenges in the user interface that need to be addressed individually. Samsung has implemented a pretty smooth UI, but not all apps are actually scaling or transitioning smoothly.

Adding to this, foldable phones lack a standardized size. The modern standard for a mobile’s screen is anywhere between 16:9 and 20:9. The Fold has an aspect ratio of 21:9, while the smaller display is extremely tall. On the other hand, the Motorola razr gets a different size, increasing the complexity.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen sensitive phones or weird display sizes. The Mi MIX series looks stunning with an edge-to-edge screen but is also extremely delicate. BlackBerry has launched a few phones that have a square display and a physical keyboard.

But these phones don’t cost as much as a foldable phone. And that’s exactly why a customer would think twice before getting one. Is the folding property enough to convince a potential customer?

Foldables vs 5G

While we’re discussing foldable phones, another technology is maturing fast and ready to take over the world. Qualcomm recently held its 5G Summit and announced two new chipsets — Snapdragon 765 and 865.

Both of them support 5G network and the flagship 865 chipset only supports 5G. There’s no extension available to support 4G. In the coming year, the two most trending keywords shall be “foldable” and “5G”. What will you prioritize?

There’s no doubt that foldable phones are the future. But with so many brands trying to make a mark in a short span of time, it just feels a little early to join the party. Especially because a lot of brands lack long-term goal and are simply trying to milk the current trend.

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