US warns Philippines against using Huawei technologies

America is on the warpath again



Last year, Huawei swirled into a maelstrom of geopolitical strife. Rooted in American insecurities, Huawei’s supposed problems ranged from shady Iran deals to cybersecurity concerns. The American government went on a controversial war against the Chinese company. Unfortunately, two months into the new year, the war sputtered on without a conclusion.

Now, the US is on the warpath once again. Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a special press conference at the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. In the conference, Pompeo answered questions about Huawei’s involvement with the country. Currently, Huawei’s modern 5G technology can potentially act as an appropriate replacement for the Philippines’ aging equipment.

Pompeo adamantly reiterated his own country’s concerns with the country. “Our task has been to share with the world the risks associated with that technology: the risks to the Philippine people, the risk to Philippine security, the risk that America may not be able to operate in certain environments if there is Huawei technology adjacent to that,” he said.

As with past incidents, the US government is placing a lot of pressure on its allied countries. Last year, America has also warned other countries of a potential partnership with Huawei. So far, reception is varied. While some countries have agreed with the US, other countries have conversely gone ahead with Huawei support.

To the American government’s defense, “[they] want to make sure that the world has their eyes wide open as to the risks of having that technology to be part of infrastructure, backbone, or networks,” according to Pompeo.

Currently, the Philippines is in a tug of war between American and Chinese support. Unsurprisingly, Huawei has become a potential centerpiece in the debacle. Huawei’s phones are currently a huge hit in the country.

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Qualcomm orders Apple to pay millions of dollars

For alleged patent infringement



Throughout the past year and a half, one story took center stage: Huawei’s battles with the American government. However, amid the story’s prominence, another story brewed in the background: Qualcomm’s gripes with Apple. Across 2018, Qualcomm discovered new strategies to make Apple’s life a living hell.

Now, Qualcomm’s seeds might finally pay off. Previously, the company filed a variety of litigious claims against Apple. Of these claims, patent infringement stood out as a constant motif. This week, both companies are going at it in a San Diego court.

At the trial, Qualcomm demanded US$ 31 million in damages for Apple’s violations. According to the chip maker, the damages involve Apple’s usage of Qualcomm chips in some iPhones. The exact figure came from Patrick Kennedy, an economist and expert witness in the trial. Kennedy calculated the figure based on the number of iPhones sold between the affected period.

Approximately, each infringing iPhone will cost US$ 1.40. Despite the demanded fee’s heft, Apple can definitely pay for the millions. The company is still one of world’s top smartphone makers.

Still, Qualcomm’s efforts remain steadfast. The company is dedicated to its mission. After this March trial, the two will meet again to settle licensing deals in April. Despite the ability to pay millions, Apple is feeling the pressure. Their recent battles might cause them delays in upgrading to 5G. Further, some countries have enacted iPhone bans at Qualcomm’s behest.

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Huawei sues the US government over unconstitutional ban on 5G equipment

The Chinese company is not holding back



After all the heated tension and fiasco, Huawei is finally making a move to defend itself in court. Earlier today, the Chinese telecoms giant held a press conference in Shenzhen, China to announce that they have filed a complaint against the US government.

The complaint was filed in a federal court in the Eastern District of Texas, USA. It challenges Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), signed into law by US President Donald Trump last year, which bars federal agencies and their contractors from procuring Huawei equipment and services.

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Guo Ping claimed that they were left with no choice after the actions of the US Congress. While reading on the company’s new Mate X device, he also said that “Huawei has not and will never implant backdoors.”

With operations in over 170 countries and regions, it’s obvious that Huawei wouldn’t want to be restricted in fair competition, especially in the rising 5G market. The NDAA restrictions prevent the company from providing 5G technologies to American consumers. Without them in the picture, Huawei claimed that Americans will have to pay higher prices for inferior products.

“Huawei is not owned, controlled, or influenced by the Chinese government.”

During the press conference, Huawei accused the US government of hacking their servers and stealing emails. Yet, the US has never presented any evidence to support the accusations thrown at Huawei as a cybersecurity threat.

The actions of the US government are not limited to its borders, something that also concerns the Chinese company. It’s no secret that the US is influencing other countries to block and get rid of Huawei’s 5G technologies.

In a nutshell, Huawei is saying that the actions of the US will only hamper the rollout of 5G on American soil. Additionally, they are presenting themselves as an advanced telecoms company and are willing to address all the security concerns of the US government.

The press conference was streamed live on YouTube. Here’s the full video:

If you’re interested in knowing more about Huawei’s legal action, head here to read the transcript of their speeches.

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US President Donald Trump calls Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’

When you become the company you work for



In funny yet not-that-funny news, US President Donald Trump came up with a new name for Apple CEO Tim Cook, and it rhymes with “Apple.”

During an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting held earlier today, Trump was clearly heard saying “We really appreciate it very much, Tim Apple,” after praising Cook for putting a big investment in the US.

You can watch the exact moment at the 30:39 mark here:

Talk about becoming your job. Fortunately, Cook didn’t seem to flinch when Trump totally missed the mark.

As other outlets have pointed out, this isn’t the first time the US President messed up names. I wonder how Sundar Google feels about this.

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